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Monthly Meeting Sept. 10th

Please Join us this coming September monthly meeting. Harry N1FAM will be giving a presentation on Ugly Rf filters that can be used for out of band rejection. This will be a good to see a DIY Project.

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Webpage Spam

So apparently there was a spammer who managed to send messages from our webpage between today and last evening. Please note this was not from someone from our organization. To prevent this issue from happening again i have disabled the messaging feature that we had available in wordpress. Sorry for…

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Technician Class Starting Sept 14th

The class for will start Saturday September 14th from 9 – 11:45 AM for 8 to 9 weeks. The classes will be held at the Waterford Community Center, 24 Rope Ferry Rd, Waterford, CT. Just bring yourself for the first class. At the end an exam will be given so…

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Dipole antenna radiation and polarity effects

Jim Seaton W1FWE presented how the em wave near and far field is developed from a dipole antenna, and propagates away at the speed of light. Jim also demonstrated, with an actual dipole, how relative polarity between transmitting and receiving antennas affects the received signal

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Simple Loop Antenna for RDF

K1RMN Bob made a simple Loop Antenna for 2 meters. 1/4″ tubing , 1/2″ PVC tee and pl-259 ct.  Made an 8″ loop , attached the loop ends to the cut away tee. Opposite side I cut the tubing and used shrink tubing to connect the loop together with a…

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